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Inefficient processes, Manual processes, data capturing and non-core administrative tasks can be time consuming and huge uncontrolled cost to any business. Optimal and Integrated process is key to improve people’s productivity and engagement thereby helping you maximize the value from your workforce and directly enhancing company performance and profitability. Our process mining and business optimization expertise can put the right process, perspective and technology in place to transform back- and front-office effectiveness.

With our process mining and business optimization expertise, we can help you through a review and improvement program relating to strategy, tactics and operational processes in any area of your organization. The key to our approach is observing and evaluating existing processes before applying any improvement plan. We focus on process mining to identify the bottle necks in the existing processes, we then identify top three priority areas for improvement and intervention. Areas will typically depend on client’s industry.

Once the opportunities and requirements are clear, we will go as far partnering with the client to implement our recommendations. We are fully confident in our expertise and trust in the outcome of our solutions ceteris paribus.


In manufacturing we look at Repetitive actions, Risk mitigation by error reduction, process automation/sustainability. In retail we look at Supply chain, Pricing and Profit, Sales and

distribution. With services we look at Service leadership, operational efficiency and customer experience. It is obvious that we follow a flexible approach with start-ups and SMEs however growth strategy remains an important part of list above all.


Here are some examples of human behaviour emulation projects in practice:

Enhancing Production Process And Improving Revenue

A printing firm in Douala-Cameroon realized that they were progressively missing client deadlines, losing quality and sales revenue. We reviewed their entire process from client base incubator and business development, to credit collections, through production process and quality control. This presented an opportunity to increase revenue by a) Increasing the revenue pipeline, b) Converting 48% of seasonal revenue into recurring revenue, c) Optimizing the production floor by reviewing the manpower requirements, time machine up/down, part and maintenance plan, and quality control protocol. The company is scheduled to acquire one of the latest HEIDELBERG MOVP-S industrial printer by July 2021, which will be amortized and replaced at maturity.

Simulating Growth And Expansion

An Israelite Tech start-ups that was represented in Ghana by a young lady specializing in robotic programming with a focus on kids. The start-ups was ran on a private tutorial class model which did not allow the lady to meet her growth and financial targets. We were able assist and in 2 years the program was full integrated in the national curriculum and is currently running on 10 pilot schools with 60 certified instructors.

Enhancing Sales And Growth

A South African based startup specializing in detergents and cleaning products was looking to enter the market. They did not have neither a clear go-to market strategy, nor did they have a defined operating model or a system to track and measure their performance. We were able to help them define a strategy and an operating model, we did a market research to refine target market and pricing, we have recommended an efficient and yet affordable billing and accounting system, we are currently running thier monthly management accounts as well as monitoring thier marketing moves.


Our methodology is SMART and SIMPLE. We do not try to reinvent the wheel. We look to access your processes, technology and human capital. We make an inventory of these and look to at all as possible rooms for improvement and optimization. We make you part of the solution designing process as we trust and value your opinion and input. We bear in mind that the elements of the existing system might just be a puzzle that needs to be rebuilt instead of reinvented. We remain very pragmatic and rational in our approach.

We focus on identifying your current state versus your desired state, and we partner with you to address pain points and fix the gaps between the two states. We work hand in hand with you to correct or implement new processes, systems and technology as needed.

Methodology steps:

Accessment and business understanding


Issues or solutions tree

Review of actionable leaves


Solutions test and implementation

Run, monitor or support


Data-Driven Precision: We rely on data, not guesswork, to optimize your processes, ensuring tangible results.

Tailored Solutions: Every business is unique. Our solutions are customized to your specific needs and challenges.

Measurable Impact: Our services are designed to deliver measurable improvements in efficiency and profitability.

Client-Centric Approach: Your success is our success. We are dedicated to your business’s prosperity.

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