business development & representation

What We Do

We know the importance of setting up an operating model that works for a small business, but mostly the unique needs of entrepreneurs to see their business taking off and moving along with top players.

We have come to understand and appreciate the great deal of bridge that separates a STARTUP from becoming a GROWING business. At maturity, many businesses juggle between surviving, dying or bouncing back, and we know their fears from closing doors.

Africa has proven to be the new business Eldorado as multinationals float in, and we know the African way of conducting business in Africa, a market where almost every successful move must be culture driven. Come to us if you really want to do business in Africa. Come to us if you want to compete in Africa.

You don’t necessarily need a full time business developer with all the administrative, financial and legal commitments involved, hire a company at a fraction of the cost and get your business on a spotlight.


Market Research, Insights & Reports Services

  • We focus on general retail, telecommunications, banking and financial services. We do offer the full market research and fact finding services suite.

Forecasting and analysis

  • We put data at the center of business strategic decision making.

Lead generation and new business development

  • We will take your business out there and get your perfect customer to come after you.

Staffing solutions

  • We have a unique approach to staffing services, from head-hunter to capability building and performance management. We avoid the crowd sourcing candidates by taping directly into top notch network. We operate through referrals.

Market penetration strategy

  • Are you new in a specific market, do you have a new client target segment, are you wandering how and where to start, don’t you worry. Give us a call!

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